A bit of ‘Rush Hour’ zooing….

After being in Melbourne for more than 5 years I went to the zoo for the first time last week. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time before the animals were going to call it a day so we walked really fast and tried to see our favourites.

don't know the namegiraffegiraffezebrazebrakoalapeacockpeacock

These two Otters were among the most interesting. They were so fast to keep up with and all of a sudden they decided to do a little dance for us. It was too fast I could only capture a blurry moment of it. But I still think it was super cool of them. 🙂


If you live in Australia and seen the Meerkat advertisement you too will love these little creatures! 🙂


I love big cats! Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, you name it I love them. But unfortunately we couldn’t see the tigers as they were resting inside their little houses at the time and so was the snow leopard. But for some luck the snow leopard decided to come out and give me a brief chance to say hi to him and take a quick photo. Thank you handsome! 🙂

snow leopardsnow leopard

And then we have the lions! They were literally bringing the house down with their roaring so we followed the sound and found some lazy but adorable lions, just chilling on the ground.