Face(s) of autumn…

I am sure by now you all have heard enough of me saying how much I love Autumn. 🙂 I love it! I get so distracted while driving every time, it’s absurd! 🙂 and so since I am experimenting with portraits these days I thought this would be a great time to get some images from inside my head and on to a camera. here goes.

Autumn PortraitAutumn outdoor photographyautumn outdoor photographyoutdoor portraitsDSC_7785outdoor photoshoot


Dambulla : a beautiful stopover en-route to the east coast….

I always wanted to travel around Sri Lanka, climb the mountains, run along green paddy fields, jump in the lakes and sit beside the many waterfalls that this beautiful country has, visit far away villages and eat the food they cook sitting outside a broken bench. I didn’t get to do that this time, we didn’t have time! 🙂

Instead we decided to spend a few days around the east coast of Sri Lanka and stay in beautiful hotels the country is famous for. We have never been to the east before as it was one of those areas that was under the civil war for years. The only problem in SL is the travelling. It takes AGES!!! So to make the trip interesting we decided to spend the first day at the half way point, Dambulla.

It’s a beautiful city and to me is most famous for the Kandalama Lake and Kandalama Hotel, a beautiful piece of architecture. However this time we drove along the lake to ‘Amaya Lake’ another unique hotel overlooking the Lake. little private chalets set amongst a beautifully maintained garden and the lake within few meters. Good food, good views and a good swim at the end of the day, what else could you ask for? 🙂

Kandalama lakebeautiful vegetationgardenchalets, village likevillage manprivate chaletsfoot steps

I have a love for photographing fishing boats. 🙂 I found some on my morning walk and had a nice walk along the lake all by myself to get to these.

fishing boatsgloomy skieslonely boatbeautiful viewred fishing boatred fishing boatjumping for joyyoga in the outdoors :)

And then we decided to play around a bit. Where else could you get a such a place all to yourselves? 🙂