You know you are home when you eat three meals a day without stepping foot in the kitchen! :)

I was in Sri Lanka for about three months and looking back all I can remember is eating! 🙂 My mum is an excellent cook and in Sri Lanka or at least at my house we (not me) cook pretty much every meal from scratch. We don’t do frozen foods or microwaves here. It’s fresh and wholesome food every time. In Sri Lanka some eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our house we have rice only for lunch every day and even so I remember when I was a kid I didn’t really like eating rice. I refused to eat rice for dinner because I wanted to try other things. But now, five years since I left home, rice has become my comfort food. I love it and there are days I come home from work and all I want is some hot fluffy white rice and some curries. How things change. 🙂

In Sri Lanka we don’t eat rice with one curry; we have about four or five. There is rice, fish or chicken, lentils (a must) two more veggie dishes and a mallum (green leafy vegetable). It’s a pretty healthy diet really.

rice and currydevilled prawnsprawn currysrilankan cucumber saladsrilankan cashew curryrice and curry

The breakfast menu…

We don’t do toast or scrambled eggs for breakfast. That’s too simple. We have a selection of hoppers, string hoppers, milk rice, different varieties of spuds, roti and the list goes on.

milk rice milk rice string hoppers hoppers egg hopperssri lankan breakfast srilankan breakfast

But the good thing about Sri Lanka with food is that there are lot of options. We have a HUGE selection of ‘Chinese food’. I haven’t been to China yet but I am guessing none of them are real Chinese food. But nonetheless we love it. However you do find authentic places that has REALLY good asian food. One of our favourites and a place Ashan & I go everytime we are in Sri Lanka is a Thai restaurent called Siam Thai. We really go for the hot butter cuttle fish there. 🙂

hot butter cuttlefish

hot butter cuttle fish crabs chinese food

Finding any type of food you like is not an issue. There are plenty of restaurants that has everything you need from burgers to wood oven pizza to world class desserts if you have a bit of money to spend of course. 🙂

pastaburgersburgersspicy seafood souppumpkin soupveggie bakereally good pizzagallery cafe, tiramusugallery cafe, lemon meringue pietropical drink

These are just a few off my Sri Lankan food diary. Hope you are as hungry as I am now. I am off to cook some rice and curry! 🙂


Sigiriya : the rock fortress and Sri Lankans’ 8th wonder of the world…

Sigiriya is one of those places we Sri Lankans are so proud of. It’s like the Taj Mahal to the Indians, Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Italians or the Eifel Tower to the French.

So on the second day of our road trip we paid a little visit there. I have been to Sigiriya once when I was a kid but never climbed all the way to the top. Sadly this time we only had couple of hours so missed out on that opportunity again. Next time, I am going to climb all those stairs, and going to be on top of that rock smiling down and taking lots of pictures. 🙂

Basically Sigiriya is the site of a massive rock that was turned into a fortress by King Kashyapa. He built his castle on the rock itself with elaborated construction on the rock summit including defensive structures, palaces, gardens and ponds.

For me it is unimaginable to think people without any sort of technological assistant managed to build such architecture 200m above ground. I really feel sorry for the people who had to carry materials up to the top!

However after the death of the King, the fortress was used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century. Today Sigiriya is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning and is the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya, the rock fortress

The entrance to the site is through a thick forest and beyond the historic site is protected by a moat and sorrounded by gardens. These gardens are among some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world.

Entrance to the historic site

Sigiriya water gardens

Sigiriya water gardens

Sigiriya terraced gardens

Archaeological remains

Sigiriya Archaeological remains

Sigiriya, the rock fortress

These next few photos are just to give an idea how big the fortress is. If you can find people and compare the size of them to the rock you will see what I meant by unimaginable construction.

Sigiriya rock

climbing sigiriya

climbing sigiriya


With the thick vegetation on either side of the walkway comes monkeys. 🙂 They are as part of sigiriya as the archaelogical sites and mostly harmless. When we were there, we saw a couple of tourists walking with a small bag in hand. All of a sudden one monkey charged in and grabbed the bag from the lady’s hand and went to his tree. To see the bag had bananas in it. I am sure it was scary for the lady but hilarious to watch as the monkey sat on his tree peeling and eating bananas while trying to protect it from the rest of the gang.


Ok so I wanted to give an idea on what’s on top and why I am excited about this place. Thanks to google and some other great photographers I found a few photos to show how amazing the art and architecture is. 🙂

Dambulla : a beautiful stopover en-route to the east coast….

I always wanted to travel around Sri Lanka, climb the mountains, run along green paddy fields, jump in the lakes and sit beside the many waterfalls that this beautiful country has, visit far away villages and eat the food they cook sitting outside a broken bench. I didn’t get to do that this time, we didn’t have time! 🙂

Instead we decided to spend a few days around the east coast of Sri Lanka and stay in beautiful hotels the country is famous for. We have never been to the east before as it was one of those areas that was under the civil war for years. The only problem in SL is the travelling. It takes AGES!!! So to make the trip interesting we decided to spend the first day at the half way point, Dambulla.

It’s a beautiful city and to me is most famous for the Kandalama Lake and Kandalama Hotel, a beautiful piece of architecture. However this time we drove along the lake to ‘Amaya Lake’ another unique hotel overlooking the Lake. little private chalets set amongst a beautifully maintained garden and the lake within few meters. Good food, good views and a good swim at the end of the day, what else could you ask for? 🙂

Kandalama lakebeautiful vegetationgardenchalets, village likevillage manprivate chaletsfoot steps

I have a love for photographing fishing boats. 🙂 I found some on my morning walk and had a nice walk along the lake all by myself to get to these.

fishing boatsgloomy skieslonely boatbeautiful viewred fishing boatred fishing boatjumping for joyyoga in the outdoors :)

And then we decided to play around a bit. Where else could you get a such a place all to yourselves? 🙂

Why I want to be invisible woman…

You know how after every Batman or Superman or X-men movie your friends ask you which superhero you want to be? I wondered. Do I want to be able to fly anywhere I want and have awesome strength? That’s actually cool to have when you think about it. You can travel the world whenever you want and be back in time for dinner and save lots of money on flights. But no. Do I want to be able to run extremely fast? Nah. Do I want to fight crimes in a tight suit? No way! I want to be invisible woman!

Hmmm why you ask?

People have always fascinated me. I am people too but watching other people have always been one of my favourite past times. Be it in a busy public square or while at work, be it young or old, the face give away lot of entertainment. Specially the deeply wrinkled. Now that, is art. That is also why portrait photography is one of my favourites. (not that I am any good at it) But… I am too shy for my own good. I worry too much about people around me and I don’t like much attention. So whenever I see an interesting face or a shot, I have to hide in the bushes. (Not literally) So pretty much all my portraits of strangers are of the side of their faces or back or too far. Anyhow now that I have realised the problem here comes the awesome solution. Being invisible woman. 🙂
Just imagine, JUUURRRST imagine the amazing variety of photos I can take. And the fun I can have? 😉 Options are unlimited! (For this theory we are going to assume everything I touch will be invisible too hence I will have an invisible camera) 🙂

So tell me, am I the only crazy person or are there others out there? Which superhero would you want to be and why? 🙂

Swiss Guard woman in rome old but gold grumpy kid gorgeous hungry man in rome florence police florence art not a happy traveller the wisdom lady in florence  stunning eyes and one of my all time favourites.. deeply wrinkled are art

Kelaniya : where life meets religion…

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest surviving Buddhist countries where 70% of its population are Buddhists. Kelaniya, a suburb about 10km away from Colombo is known for the buddhist temple built on the banks of kelani river and holds a significant place in the life of any Buddhist. It is believed that Buddha had visited Kelaniya and therefore it is said that all your sins will be washed away if you visit and worship the Kelaniya Temple at least once in your lifetime (of course it is just a saying but it just shows how much importance the temple holds).

For me Kelaniya resembles two things. My family, as I grew up in Kelaniya and the Kelaniya Temple. I am not a diehard Buddhist but still I grew up having a special place in my heart for the temple. I love visiting it every time I come down.  To go there in the evening and sit in a corner away from the crowds, gazing at the massive ‘dagaba’ or just soaking up the atmosphere where everyone is quiet and dressed in white with colourful flowers in hand is an experience in itself.

It is not special only for religious purposes but because for me nothing can beat the amazing architecture, the calmness you feel when you enter the temple grounds, and the sound of the bo leaves when the wind blows or the colours… yellow & red hues from monks’ ‘sivuru’, green bo leaves, soft brown sand and white-clad worshipers.

Here are few photos to show you what I am talking about… 🙂



I love the intricate details in this place…. it is such good craftmanship that you only find in these ancient places.

Hope this post finds your interest and any comment or feedback is much appreciated! 🙂

Kalpitiya: somewhere a little bit different

ah! the heat!

It was good getting there in our air-conditioned vehicles but when you see the change of colour in trees, the palm trees on the side of the road and woven dried coconut leaf fences you know you are in the dry country. Kalpitiya situated in Puttalam district overlooking the Puttalam lagoon on one side and the Indian ocean on the other is a beautiful place except for the unbearable heat during day.


I guess that’s life….

I really feel for the people living here or anywhere in dry lands. They still have to go out do their jobs or things they do to make a living and here I didn’t want to get out of the shade of coconut & palm trees to do anything till the sun went down.

I met some interesting people there….

We visited a little village in Puttlam district known for a group of African descendents who are famous for their music and dancing. According to them the ancestors came to the country in the 1800’s and today there are 22 families in the village and more scattered around puttalam. They were nice enough to do a quick little performance for us saying if they had time to prepare they could have gotten their 12 people group together and dress accordingly. 🙂

And of course with the music and dancing the children came from neighbouring houses to see the performances and to see the strange people from Colombo. I tried to capture a few of those gorgeous little faces and I hope you will find these as interesting as I did…