You know you are home when you eat three meals a day without stepping foot in the kitchen! :)

I was in Sri Lanka for about three months and looking back all I can remember is eating! 🙂 My mum is an excellent cook and in Sri Lanka or at least at my house we (not me) cook pretty much every meal from scratch. We don’t do frozen foods or microwaves here. It’s fresh and wholesome food every time. In Sri Lanka some eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our house we have rice only for lunch every day and even so I remember when I was a kid I didn’t really like eating rice. I refused to eat rice for dinner because I wanted to try other things. But now, five years since I left home, rice has become my comfort food. I love it and there are days I come home from work and all I want is some hot fluffy white rice and some curries. How things change. 🙂

In Sri Lanka we don’t eat rice with one curry; we have about four or five. There is rice, fish or chicken, lentils (a must) two more veggie dishes and a mallum (green leafy vegetable). It’s a pretty healthy diet really.

rice and currydevilled prawnsprawn currysrilankan cucumber saladsrilankan cashew curryrice and curry

The breakfast menu…

We don’t do toast or scrambled eggs for breakfast. That’s too simple. We have a selection of hoppers, string hoppers, milk rice, different varieties of spuds, roti and the list goes on.

milk rice milk rice string hoppers hoppers egg hopperssri lankan breakfast srilankan breakfast

But the good thing about Sri Lanka with food is that there are lot of options. We have a HUGE selection of ‘Chinese food’. I haven’t been to China yet but I am guessing none of them are real Chinese food. But nonetheless we love it. However you do find authentic places that has REALLY good asian food. One of our favourites and a place Ashan & I go everytime we are in Sri Lanka is a Thai restaurent called Siam Thai. We really go for the hot butter cuttle fish there. 🙂

hot butter cuttlefish

hot butter cuttle fish crabs chinese food

Finding any type of food you like is not an issue. There are plenty of restaurants that has everything you need from burgers to wood oven pizza to world class desserts if you have a bit of money to spend of course. 🙂

pastaburgersburgersspicy seafood souppumpkin soupveggie bakereally good pizzagallery cafe, tiramusugallery cafe, lemon meringue pietropical drink

These are just a few off my Sri Lankan food diary. Hope you are as hungry as I am now. I am off to cook some rice and curry! 🙂