Catching the last glimpse of summer….

One good thing about Melbourne is that you have a few good beaches and waterfronts available during summer or whenever you want a change of scenery or a mini road trip.
This summer I was busy doing ‘nothing’ and didn’t go anywhere. So to change that I decided to go see Brighton Beach before it hits winter. Luckily for me we still have a few sunny days left. Brighton and Brighton beach is some of the nicer parts of Melbourne and when we got there it felt like California. (Never been to California but felt like it) 🙂 narrow straight road, on one side the beach and on the other holiday houses. Ah the life of the riches!
What’s special about here for me is the colourful little huts lining the beach. They are tiny but create great attraction and are so cute. You can apparently rent them if you want to spend a day at the beach. What was more interesting was, it turns out Brighton beach is the place for photo shoots for newlyweds and models. 🙂

sea shellsshadowsbrighton beachcloudscolours colours colourshuts in linecracksbackstagesunset photo credit – Ashan Dias


33 thoughts on “Catching the last glimpse of summer….

  1. These are wonderful shots Mekala. Scenes this colorful and whimsical are impossible for me to pass up. We visited Melbourne on our most recent RTW, but the Dengue Fever I contracted in SE Asia kept me in the hotel and off the beach. ~James

    1. Thanks James! It’s sad about you being in melbourne but didnt get to see it uniqueness. Hope you are all better now and i am sure it won’t be long before I see you wandering the streets of Melbourne! 🙂

  2. Great shots of the bath houses. I love those colorful little buildings! You don’t see them on many beaches in the US. Thanks for sharing. Made me smile! Robyn

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