Venice: my ‘WALK’ through the city of water…

This is a sad day. After so many posts I have come to the end of my amazing Italian journey and Venice is the last stop.

From Florence we took a train to Venice. Venice! I am finally going to see Venice. Excitement was building up, hopes high, eager to explore; we finally got to the ethereal ‘city of water’. I was instantly disappointed! Why? How? I actually don’t know. It just didn’t feel welcoming enough. So I took a deep breath and watched hundreds of people move around me, busier and faster than anywhere else in Italy, water buses taking in as many tourists as they can, people getting lost with their luggage and decided it’s time to move on.

The best way to travel in Venice is by water taxies, which make sense since the whole city is on water and you would think it’s cheap. No, it was expensive! We are just a couple of graduates on a budget, so what did we do? We decided to ‘hike’! I say hike because we literally walked from one end of the island to the other and crossed so many bridges, climbed so many steps up and so many steps down with our back packs, at the end of it we felt like we have climbed a decent size mountain.

venice (8) venice (6) venice (20) venice (12) venice (4) venice (3) venice (10) Yes we were tired but we saw Venice in a total different way. The tiny alley ways that takes the whole of Italy to another level is still prominent in Venice maybe more so than anywhere else. It’s pretty much like walking through a maze. You don’t know where you are going but every corner, every turn there is something wonderful.

It was more ‘touristy’ and expensive than anywhere else I have been to and that put me off a bit but the more you go inside the island away from those crowded areas, Venice had a nice charm, nice homely feeling about it that one can’t but feel good about.

venice (27) venice (29) venice (30) venice (31) venice (33) venice (34)venice (42) venice (41) venice (40)

venice (45) venice (46) venice (51) venice (78) venice (52) venice (79) venice (86)So this was my ‘walk’ through the city of water. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and from now on I have to start going around Melbourne to come up with some decent photographs. 🙂


47 thoughts on “Venice: my ‘WALK’ through the city of water…

    1. Actually no. I notices a lot of locals and student of the university in Venice. Yes the buildings are old but thats what nice about it.
      And being a city in and around water it does get flooded a LOT so I guess it deteriorates more but I heard there is a project that is trying to restore some of the buildings so hopefully that would be a success.
      Lets hope for the best.

  1. What fabulous, fabulous pictures!!! I really appreciate you sharing that beautiful tour with me since I’ll most likely never get there in person. The architecture, textures and colors are magnificent 😀

  2. We arrived in Venice a month too early – should have gone in October, our usual month for Europe. In September Venice was unpleasantly hot and supremely crowded. Also made the mistake of choosing an apartment close to the Piazza and Rialto Bridge. As you say, Venice has wonderful charm away from the crush. We purchased a water bus pass good for a week of unlimited waterbussing and saved a LOT of money. I also got sick with bronchitis while there – several downsides to our Venice stop yet she still managed to charm her way into our hearts. And congratulations, I found you in Junsjazz Issue 6.

  3. OHHHHH… Venice took a part of my heart 😦 I want to visit it again, actually I’d like to live there forever….
    Venice is the real heaven

  4. I completely agree with you. Whenever I travel, abroad or at home in the US, I always find the less touristed areas more fascinating and welcoming. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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