A long overdue ‘Thank You’….


I should have done this long time ago but somehow I didn’t. I have only started this blog few months ago and still trying to figure my way in to the world of blogging. But I tell you it has been an awesome ride so far. I have been loving every day of it and that is thanks to YOU, who took the time to come and have a look at what I have to show and what I have to say. So thank you.

Also there were some amazing people who thought my little blog was good enough to be nominated for few awards. This is the thing; I am not so big on awards. But I think I owe it to everybody to say thank you to those who nominated me and to tell how amazing their blogs are and to tell you go have a look. 🙂 So thank you;

Sreejit Pooleofmindormatter.com  – Dedicated to Life, Death and the Pursuit of Humanity

Arindam Sahawhenintrovertspeaks.wordpress.com  – Random thoughts from a Physicist about everything but physics

Rhemarhema3one7.wordpress.comEnchantments of a beautiful mind

Paulnotesfromcamelidcountry.net/ – A travel blog from Bolivia and beyond

and Journeyman.

Clearly I am breaking all the rules of these awards (oops!) but the most important thing for me is to say thank you to all you wonderful people out there who have become my ‘friends without faces’ 🙂


20 thoughts on “A long overdue ‘Thank You’….

      1. Oops! got it wrong! (I was left with no option but to guess the meaning of the word)

        If you want to come to India, do it in Oct-Nov or Feb-Mar (weather is good)

        Btw I would also like to see some Sri Lanka (as I would probably not be able to go there in 5 to 6 years for sure)

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