Pisa: words not needed….

This is another one of my favourite places and i still can’t believe I was there. The architecture mind-blowing, the weather wonderful, the place mesmerizing and the experience unforgettable. I don’t think any more words are necessary to describe how amazing Pisa was/is. So here are some photos, hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. 🙂

pisa (3) - Copy pisa (41) - Copy pisa (26) - Copy pisa (22) - Copy pisa (2) - Copy pisa (14) - Copy pisa (18) - Copy  pisa (5) - Copy pisa (30)


50 thoughts on “Pisa: words not needed….

  1. I like the last photo, with the peeling plaster and the bicycles out front. Have the rehabbed the Leaning Tower? I recall a few decades ago the Tower was leaning so badly they were going to have to do something.

  2. Mekala, no words needed is brilliant! Your photos are always magnificent. The Pisa looks superb. I am speechless with the genuine magnitude of your photography.., love it!!

  3. So pretty! I remember the day i went there every single person was doing the signature “pisa pose” so funny! I did it with my sister lol

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