Florence: If there is a heaven, this is it…..

I found my favourite city in the WORLD! Ok so I haven’t seen most of the cities in the world so let me be fair to all other cities that are frowning at me, Florence is my favourite city SO FAR. I fell in love and I still can recall the feeling when I woke up in the hotel room and looked out on to the beautifully calm streets, when I walked the narrow streets filled with gorgeous people, taking in the fresh morning air after climbing hundreds of steps to get to Piazzale michelangelo, the smell of coffee when I passed a tiny cafe or the taste of freshly baked pastries on the side of the road. If that is not love, I don’t know what is. 🙂

I think that is enough explaining, here are some photos. Hope you see what I saw….

Ponte Veccio (old bridge)

florence (19)florence (16)florence (25)florence (18)florence (27) florence (17)florence (26) florence (32)

Piazzale Michelangelo – you will never forget the view you get of all of Florence from this place and you would not want to leave. The bus drive back down from top of piazzale michelangelo was one of the most scenic and best drives I have ever had in my life. That’s when I knew I was in love. 😉 If you are in florence don’t forget to climb about 200 stept up to this place and then take a bus ride back down. Trust me you will LOVE it. Oh and do it in the morning too. 🙂

florence (38) florence (44) florence (55) florence (59) florence (62) florence (64)florence (85) florence (86)florence (67) florence (96)florence (76) florence (75)florence (84) florence (93)florence (97) florence (106)florence (111)florence (110)


64 thoughts on “Florence: If there is a heaven, this is it…..

  1. Mekala, your pictures are spellbinding! I am blown away of how I feel as if I am right there by your photography. What a beautiful place.

  2. I will not just take your word for it 😉 I am going over there soon. This is a spectacular series of photos Mekala. I wish you more wonderful trips in 2013!

  3. The best pictures so a beautiful,thank you for sharing.Please stop on my blog solo sailing around the world in 2013

  4. hi Mekala, great pictures of Florence (and other posts you have of Italy). The header at the top should read Ponte Vecchio (not Veccio)- ciao

  5. Well, in MY opinion, I think you will travel to a number of other cities and STILL think Firenze is your favourite. I fell in love with Florence on my first trip a number of years (decades) ago and found I loved it just as much on my return 30 years later. Maybe it’s the lingering presence of Michelangelo or the political intrigue of the Medicis still hanging in the air, the sienna coloured buildings, the markets. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to a few cities and Florence remains at the top.

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