Rome: where the heart grew fonder…. (part 1)

The joy of losing weight by walking the streets of Rome started the very next day after a good night’s sleep. Where better to start than where we left off last night, St. Peter’s square. The calm, majestic place had transformed overnight in to a bustling piazza of locals and tourists, and combine that with the architecture and the craftsmanship and it becomes one of the most inspiring public spaces I have ever been to.

We queued up to enter the amazing St. Peter’s basilica and amazing it was!! The details took my breath away instantly. God is definitely in details. Colours, paintings, sculptures, high ceilings and the different architectural spaces all made for an amazing architectural and spiritual experience.

All the while admiring the interior I was thinking ‘I wish I had a fish-eye lens’ because I can just picture how amazing the interior photos would have looked. But I didn’t have that so I did what I could with what I had. 🙂



 Then we walked on lovely but busy streets of cobble stones to Castel Sant’angelo, which was originally a mausoleum now turned into a museum. It is located beautifully along river Tevere and has views to St, Peter’s and the other part of the city centre.

Next move was to the beautiful Piazza Navona. It was in true Italian style a ‘piazza’ filled with tourists, local artists with some amazingly colourful artworks, street side pizzerias and restaurants with people sitting outside and sipping coffee. Total bliss!

In the centre stands Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi meaning the Fountain of four rivers and there is a story behind it that has something to do with the four largest rivers in Italy at that time, but forgive me I cannot remember! 🙂


Next place got me all excited. When I looked at the map and it was just walking distance from Piazza Navona I literally screamed with excitement. The Pantheon. The Pantheon & the Colosseum were the two main buildings I have known and studied for history since the first year of architecture school and to actually physically see one was beyond exciting. I had to stare at it for a few minutes to catch my breath before taking the camera out.  It was different from what I have imagined. The building was in a tighter space and darker in colour therefore very different to the rest of the area. But it still looked like it can stand there another 100 years. The interior was again beautiful and made me miss not having a fish eye lens.

After that we went to Fonatana di Trevi, where the magic happens. Made a wish and tossed a coin in the fountain and did some people watching. Again the details of marble work and sculptures were immaculate.

Last stop for the day was Piazza di Spagna or Spanish steps. But unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any good photos worth sharing. It was crowded and I didn’t get that ‘wow’ feeling associated with pretty much anywhere in Rome and nor did the camera. But I did put one just to say I was there. 🙂 

Who can complain? I enjoyed every bit of walking around the famous cobble stone streets with colourful little shops, gelatarias every 100 meters, seeing amazing architecture and mixing in with hundreds of different people.

I love you Rome! 🙂

p.s – I did do a little editing colour wise because  these are the colours I associate with when I picture Rome in my head. 🙂 Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave feedback.


My love affair with Italy begins…

I cannot wipe the smile off my face and I kept pinching myself as we drove around the beautiful city of Rome in the night, where the streets are calm and the ancient buildings stood ever so majestically. For those of you who don’t know, this has been my dream journey. The one I planned so many times, the one I postponed so many times, the one I never had the money. But I am here, I am finally here and I couldn’t have asked for a better start.

First thing first, we stopped for true Italian style espresso at the locals’ favorite bar, Il Pappagallo, where I honestly had the best coffee I have ever had. This was topped off with a visit to almost magical and very romantic ‘Gianicolo‘ and ‘piazza Garibaldi‘ where you have amazing views of the city center and I didn’t want to leave.

No my dream doesn’t end there. Then we drive in to St.Peter’s square, and I think my heart skipped a beat. It was almost deserted and St.Peters Basilica stood in front of us like nothing I have ever seen. I took a deep breath. The architecture, the atmosphere, the smell of coffee in the air and gelateria’s open past midnight was the perfect end to the beginning of an amazing journey!

And so my love affair with Italy begins….

p.s – please bare with me as I am going to be posting a LOT about Italy in the coming weeks. 🙂